Human Resources

Yüksel İnşaat has consistently proven that it is a modern, respectable, reliable and pioneering company in the countries and sectors in which it has operated with its corporate structure and the personnel it has employed.

In addition to its experienced and equipped personnel, Yüksel İnşaat provides a wide range of employment and career opportunities every year to many of young graduates.

Management at Yüksel İnşaat has adopted at every level the policy that "HUMANS are our most valuable resource", and Yüksel is a company preferred by people who want to work long-term in a warm family environment because of the modern, healthy and social work environment it offers its employees.


Job Opportunities:

There are opportunities to work at Yüksel İnşaat headquarters and on domestic projects.


To apply for a position with our company, fill out the “Job Application Form”


In the Yüksel Family, the first and most basic approach is to create opportunities for professional and personal development for employees to enhance productivity and success in both their current positions and their career plans.

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