Our Values

To be a corporation where its employees and stakeholders are proud of working with, Yüksel İnşaat follows its corporate values in all business processes.As a corporate mission, Yüksel uses its half a century experience and knowledge for the benefit of its customers and for the future generations.


“Human” is the most important asset for Yüksel İnşaat.Any discrimination of gender, language, religion, race or political view should be eliminated in both domestic and international business processes. Any behavior against universal human rights shall not be accepted. 

All Yüksel İnşaat employees work under the guarantee of qualified, healthy and safe workplace environment. Yüksel İnşaat aims for zero occupational accident.

Yüksel İnşaat values; responsibility, consistency, honesty and fairness, during all its business processes.Quality is uncompromising. The work is done in the best way possible.

Contribution to society is not a ‘project’, but a reason for being for Yüksel İnşaat .All investment processes are aimed to be sustainable.Yüksel aims to support economic, cultural and social development for all stakeholders.



Yüksel İnşaat respects environment. As a requirement of this respect, Yüksel measures its impact on environment. Yüksel endeavors to minimize its negative impacts on environment. Employees and stakeholders are encouraged for conservation of natural resources and promoting recycling.

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